This is how we doooooooooooo ittttttttttt…

My man DougMC, chronicler and archivist of all things Austin bike-related, just did something rather fuckawesome with his gargantuan collection of Austin bike photos; he built an interface for searching the photos by location:

That. Is. Awesome. You been riding bikes in the ATX for a while? New to the whole two-wheels-one-pavement thing? Then check it out and see what us wacky bike folk have been up to these past several years. Though there are several group rides that happen north of the great divide (183), thisĀ catalogĀ of good times mainly documents things that have happened in the central city and on the east side.


Want more pics of the until-now untouched swathes of Austin? Plan for your ride to go there! Chances are Doug’ll be on the case and snapping photos. Make it happen.