Every Full Moon Cruise date from here until the end of the world

Yes, yes, I know I never post on here anymore. Fuck you too. But I wanted to share a little bit of something our good friend DougMC came up with recently, and that is a calendar showing the date of EVERY SINGLE FULL MOON CRUISE¬†from here until the practical end of time (or at least the next 14 years). Seriously, if you want to go on one of the LAST regular rides in Austin that’s worth half a damn (and even a full damn at times), then get your ass out on the Full Moon Cruise and don’t give a fuck. Thanks for keeping things rolling Doug.


Critical Mass is TODAY! As in in an hour and a half! DO EEEEEET.

Shit, I’m totally dropping the ball on this one. Critical Mass happens TODAY, March 29th at 6pm. The meeting spot is the usual West Mall on UT Campus (near 24th and Guadalupe), but as many of ya’ll have noticed the time changed several months ago to 6pm, to allow for more people to actually make the rides.

They’ve been picking up as of late, probably pulling 50-80 people, a far cry from the several hundred of its’ heyday but a damn sight better than the half dozen die-hards that have been keeping the ride alive through thick and thin. Want to see what the new Critical Mass is about? Then get your ass down there in about an hour and a half.


UPDATE:¬†I FUCKED UP. Sorry ya’ll. I guess the event that got cancelled was some members-only shit for the (512)fixed group, whereas the actual event is still going on. I didn’t realize this because I’ve been living in a hole in the ground since last Friday. So fuck it. GAME ON!!! Update with updated flyer above this update.


Well folks, it looks like it was too good to be true. For whatever reason I woke up this morning to see that the Easter Egg HUSTLE event was CANCELLED on Facebooks. Shit. Well, there you go. Yet another Alleycat that’s NOT happening in Austin. Looks like if you want to race you gotta either go to Houston, or suit up in spandex, don that brain bucket and rub elbows with the fast dudes out at the Driveway. Cat up, bros. Cat up.