(512)fixed and Cycleast (and the big JC) present: Easter Egg HUSTLE! Yes, this is really happening. I’m just an idiot.

Alright folks, I fucked up. This coming Friday there actually IS an alleycat happening. It’s easter themed, so I think that means you must either dress like a rabbit, a fertility deity, or a sacrificed and resurrected holy figure. You know, like Mithra. Your choice.


Like the flyer says, registration is at 5:30pm THIS Friday (the 29th), so show up at 501 Pedernales (aka. the brand spanking new kid on the bike shop block, Cycleast) with ten bucks in hand, a bike under your ass, all the other assorted racing accouterments (like your own magic marker, you’ll thank me), and do some alleycat racing!