Critical Mass is TODAY! As in in an hour and a half! DO EEEEEET.

Shit, I’m totally dropping the ball on this one. Critical Mass happens TODAY, March 29th at 6pm. The meeting spot is the usual West Mall on UT Campus (near 24th and Guadalupe), but as many of ya’ll have noticed the time changed several months ago to 6pm, to allow for more people to actually make the rides.

They’ve been picking up as of late, probably pulling 50-80 people, a far cry from the several hundred of its’ heyday but a damn sight better than the half dozen die-hards that have been keeping the ride alive through thick and thin. Want to see what the new Critical Mass is about? Then get your ass down there in about an hour and a half.

(512)fixed and Cycleast (and the big JC) present: Easter Egg HUSTLE! Yes, this is really happening. I’m just an idiot.

Alright folks, I fucked up. This coming Friday there actually IS an alleycat happening. It’s easter themed, so I think that means you must either dress like a rabbit, a fertility deity, or a sacrificed and resurrected holy figure. You know, like Mithra. Your choice.


Like the flyer says, registration is at 5:30pm THIS Friday (the 29th), so show up at 501 Pedernales (aka. the brand spanking new kid on the bike shop block, Cycleast) with ten bucks in hand, a bike under your ass, all the other assorted racing accouterments (like your own magic marker, you’ll thank me), and do some alleycat racing!