EDIT: I apologize, it wasn’t the BLBC that put this event on, it was Simon and his crew of badass freak bikers. There were a few events happening close to each other and I got mixed up. I meant to fix this back then but like everything else related to ATXBS, fuck it all. Sorry Simon.

Well folks, looks like the local Black Label Bike Club have been building up their stockpile of freakbikes and want to unleash their latest insanity onto the world in the form of AN EVENT! Not just any event, but a twofer, which includes a  Freak-bike friendly RIDE from the Lamar Ped Bridge at 2pm Saturday, March 23rd which will end us all up the FIRST ANNUAL CYCLOMANIA BIKE EVENT (CAPSLOCK WHAT), where there will be lots of stuff like this happening:

Yes, that’s right folks. Some REAL tallbike jousting! Not just dudes on little bikes lining up on a basketball court for their very own opportunity to fall about 3-4 ft and laugh about it, but real deal sky high fall on your ass and break your fucking neck TALLBIKE JOUSTING! But wait, there’s more! Act now to take part in this limited time offer of TALLBIKE FIRE JOUSTING!!! For those of ya’ll without access to the magical Facebooks, here’s the details on the big event:

BIKE EVENT starts around 6ish (before dark), Saturday, March 23rd
Location: Colosseum Swamp

We have tallbike sidecars for mace battles, pennyfakethings to race the obstacle course on. We have tallbike FIRE jousting. We have unridable bikes that you can ride. We have other stupid bicycle games. There will be blood.

We have fire and we have food and we have a bar. that is on a pedicab with bicycle powered blenders to make your drinks.

We have the Chaotic Noise Marching Corps to play the event.

We start at 6ish and go until 10 ish then we load up all our gear on the tallbike sidecars and the pedicab and the bike trailers and we mass ride to see what HONK has got going on that night

I am not the best at the disgracebook so invite your friends that i don’t know or forgot to add or whatever etc etc. paper fliers to come soon.

This event is taking place in the newly discovered Colosseum Swamp which is in the storm drain under the bridge on Jain Lane between Stuart Circle and Perry Road. Enter through the road on the South East Side and it’s 5800 Jain Lane if you have to map it.

There you have it folks, straight from the Simon’s mouth. BE THERE TOMORROW, either on the Bridge at 2pm, or at Colosseum Swamp (~5800 Jain Lane) around 6.