(512)fixed and Cycleast (and the big JC) present: Easter Egg HUSTLE! Yes, this is really happening. I’m just an idiot.

Alright folks, I fucked up. This coming Friday there actually IS an alleycat happening. It’s easter themed, so I think that means you must either dress like a rabbit, a fertility deity, or a sacrificed and resurrected holy figure. You know, like Mithra. Your choice.


Like the flyer says, registration is at 5:30pm THIS Friday (the 29th), so show up at 501 Pedernales (aka. the brand spanking new kid on the bike shop block, Cycleast) with ten bucks in hand, a bike under your ass, all the other assorted racing¬†accouterments (like your own magic marker, you’ll thank me), and do some alleycat racing!


UPDATE:¬†I FUCKED UP. Sorry ya’ll. I guess the event that got cancelled was some members-only shit for the (512)fixed group, whereas the actual event is still going on. I didn’t realize this because I’ve been living in a hole in the ground since last Friday. So fuck it. GAME ON!!! Update with updated flyer above this update.


Well folks, it looks like it was too good to be true. For whatever reason I woke up this morning to see that the Easter Egg HUSTLE event was CANCELLED on Facebooks. Shit. Well, there you go. Yet another Alleycat that’s NOT happening in Austin. Looks like if you want to race you gotta either go to Houston, or suit up in spandex, don that brain bucket and rub elbows with the fast dudes out at the Driveway. Cat up, bros. Cat up.